Our Team

Meet the people behind the cartoon


Arturo Zurita
Creator/Host, TheAtZShow & Let Me Explain

The creator and host of TheAtZShow & Let Me Explain, as well as the co-host of the Intercut podcast & forthcoming Hear Me Out podcast, Arturo Zurita is a video producer and film critic for the modern, digital age. Through his YouTube videos, Arturo has reached millions of viewers with his funny, friendly commentary and laid back approach to movie reviews.


Alina Montemayor

An integral part of the AtZ team, Alina Montemayor has been behind-the-scenes since the start of TheAtZShow. Evolving into the role of lead editor for Let Me Explain, Alina has helped developed the exhaustive style of film coverage found in AtZ Productions. A lifelong fan of films, Alina grew up watching movies with her dad and still does to this day!


Zachary Shevich
Editor-in-Chief, TheAtZShow.com

Zach is a cool guy! Awesome!


Chase Azarian
Editor, TheAtZShow

Chase is from South Jersey and graduated from Rutgers University with a BFA in Digital Filmmaking in 2019. He has worked as a videographer for companies like Rutgers Football, Rutgers University Career Services, and Rutgers Undergraduate Academic Affairs, creates content for his two Youtube channels “A Few Mixed Opinions” and “Chase Azarian”, hosts the “Chilling With Chase” podcast, and has directed/edited many short films and freelance projects. He is currently a PhotoPass Photographer for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, while also freelancing and editing content for the AtZ Network!


Zak Hawley
Editor, Hear Me Out

Zak edits and writes video essays about music for the Hear Me Out channel on YouTube. A Chicagoan who grew up in Minnesota, in his spare time Zak likes to work on developing apps. He hopes to travel the world in the near future.


Fernando Andrade
Staff Writer, TheAtZShow.com

Fernando is a native of Florida and is currently studying Cinema Studies at the University of Central Florida. He has written for both his personal blog site and also for the UK based outlet JumpCut Online. While only being a part of the online criticism world for a couple of years, he has quickly fallen in love with film and everything it has to offer. In his few years covering film, he has attended Star Wars Celebration, Florida Film Festival, and Sundance Film Festival. Most importantly, he hopes to offer a new, diverse voice to TheAtZShow.com.