Best Film Scores of 2015

Today we will be rounding up the top ten film scores of 2015! These are the type of film scores that can be enjoyed outside of your movie viewing experience. These movie scores can motivate you, encourage you, and quite possibly cause you to reflect on life itself. Now while this is my personal top ten film scores of 2015, I am curious as to what your top ten film scores are. Let me know down below!

I will give my list in descending order followed by a link to the playlist if you wish to listen! 

10. Carol - "Opening"
9. Inside Out - "Bundle of Joy"
8. The Hateful Eight - "L'Ultima Diligenza di Red Rock"
7. Sicario - "The Beast"
6. Lost River - "Chromatics: Yes"
5. It Follows - "Title"
4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - "Rey's Theme"
3. Steve Jobs - "It's Not Working"
2. Mad Max: Fury Road - "Brothers in Arms
1. Creed - "If I Fight, You Fight Training Montage"

Link to the playlist can be found here!